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Paving stones offer various options

Kiviabi, a trademark specialising in stone paved roads and courtyards, was established in 1999 and has since then only expanded and developed further. By today the company has a firm and stable standing on the Estonian market. Kiviabi mainly caters to homeowners, local governments, apartment associations and road construction companies. 

The company offers a wide range of products, there are 20–30 different types of stones in various colours – in addition to paving your courtyards with the usual gray, you can also give them a bit of character by using black, red, brown, yellow, green or blue stones. There is a notable demand for natural stones like limestone, granite and cobblestones. 

Kiviabi works with various landscaping companies, which makes it possible for clients to request gardening stones along with landscaping. Kiviabi has trained specialists to recommend solutions that suit our clients the best, also considering possible landscaping options. Clients sometimes tend to draw plans that might not actually give the most wonderful of results. Here’s where the specialists come in to give advice so that the results would be as beautiful and practical as possible.


A quick way to give character

The selection of stones depends greatly on the garden and the financial capacity of a client. Natural stone might not be a suitable choice for a very trendy town house and would look better in a courtyard of a home closer to nature.

Giving character to an ordinary-looking garden is very easy if you’re using various colour schemes and paving techniques. For instance, various interesting stencil patterns may be cut into the stones that are already laid and recessed light fixtures can also be installed. If shovelling snow is something you don’t wish to bother with during the winter, you can also install heating cables for the whole courtyard if necessary. Feel free to turn to Kiviabi, even if you need to dig up stones laid by other companies or to repair paving that has sunk. 

Stone is a wise choice for a garden, not only because of its aesthetic appeal, but for being an extremely flexible material that can be made bigger or cut down in size, exchanged for another or even dug up entirely. With asphalt making changes is considerably more difficult. 

Durability for decades


Kiviabi offers its clients complete solutions that cover all works from stripping topsoil to making final touches. The duration of all stone works depend on the garden and the client’s wishes, but generally a typical private project takes up about a week. The company also gives the stones a 2-year guarantee but because of their firmness they should last for at least 30–40 years. The stones need no special care but it is worth noting that a stone paving is damaged the most during winter, when hitting the covering snow or ice with a shovel – this can nick the surface of the stones.

Why choose us?

  • All necessary stone works from a single source
  • Highest consideration of the client’s wishes
  • Quality services with the lowest of prices
  • Close communication with the client, which ensures a smooth cooperation
  • We stick to project deadlines and contracts
  • Flexible and fast responses to our clients’ new ideas
  • We have years of experience in working with stone

Contact information: +3725015068 | Info at kiviabi dot ee